Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Review

About the Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike

The Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike combines the comfort level of a recumbent with the feel of an upright bike. The comfort that this bike provides is mainly due to the over-sized seat and pedals. According to its description, not only is the bike comfortable, it also rides very smoothly and possesses a quiet magnetic resistance with fingertip tension control.

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Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike Features and Specifications:

  • The dimensions of the product are 53” x 24” x 44”.
  • Pulse sensors in the handrails will keep you working at your optimal heart rate.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame and 90 days on the parts.
  • Magnetic resistance and fingertip tension control.
  • Built for users up to 300 pounds.
  • All tracking information on one large easy-to-read screen.
  • Comfortable seat made of plush, stitched, cushioned vinyl.
  • Comes with wheels that allow for easy portability.

The Negative Reviews

Generally the feedback for the Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike has been very positive, however, the product has been given a small number of negative reviews.

One common complaint is that the monitor sometimes stops working. Either it won’t respond at all or it will turn off due to inactivity. Reviewers have called customer service for replacements and are happy that they work but frustrated that the product hasn’t arrived working functionally in the first place.

Other complaints that customers have made include that the heart rate monitor is inaccurate, that it has arrived damaged for some customers, and that the buttons aren’t very responsive.

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The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative feedback that we have just discussed, the majority of the reviews for the Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike have been highly favorable.

One aspect of the bike that customers seem to be very impressed with is how quick it is to put together. The reviewers have found that it can be assembled in about an hour even if you aren’t very ‘handy’.

Other features that customers seem to love about this product include that it is very comfortable, that the resistance is easy to adjust, and that it runs quietly.


Would we recommend the Stamina 4545 Magnetic Fusion Recumbent Bike to our readers?

Yes, and here’s why:

Although there has been some criticism of it, the Stamina 4545 has mostly received very positive feedback from its customers. 80% of reviewers have given it a 4 or 5-star rating. We are happy to recommend this product to any of our readers who are looking for a good value and comfortable exercise bike.

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